White Wedding Floral Staircase

An elegant entrance for a historic building. This floral staircase at Riddles Court linked the wedding ceremony to the reception in true style.

A space takeover simply put is any florists dream. Ask us to create a canopy, cloud, walkway or spiral staircase & we'll do a little dance of joy. Installs are always fun, albeit they are exhausting & tend to be all hands on deck as the clock ticks towards the 'I do's', installs (or onsite builds) & space conversions are our absolute favourite & something we excel at. I trained in environmental sculpture creating enormous spaces & intricate designs so this is where my floristry really comes alive. Installs are also an incredibly practical way to make a venue yours. Floral installations can completely transform a space, & often times the simpler, the barer, or under decorated a space is offer up the best canvases to make your dream event come to life

Floral Designs: Aspen Florals

Photography: Jacek Hübner https://www.jacekhubner.com/